How we work

Mercantum supplies international markets which requires us to adjust to local and global conditions and requirements. With over 24 years of experience, we distinguish ourselves through our dedication, commitment, quality, service and personal touch.

Our mission

From our head office in Amsterdam, we aim to be the preferred partner in business for all our markets worldwide. We continuously strive to explore new markets and to build trusted long-term relationships in order to meet the individual needs of our customers and their markets.

We service different sales channels on all continents. Trough local partners or distribution channels such as pharmacies, retail and duty free outlets, wholesalers and many more. We also support clients who operate in some of the world’s most challenging environments, such as emerging markets.

Our strength

Our long-standing involvement in this industry has given us a unique understanding and respect for both the cultural sensitivities and diverse societies. During each interaction with our customers we strive to satisfy all our client’s needs and expectations.

Due to our years of experience and solid network we are capable to provide large volumes at reduced prices, helping you to increase your sales and purchases of well-known medical care products and pharmaceuticals.

The distribution of our products is executed by licensed, reliable and professional companies. We provide warehousing, as well as multi-temperature storage and transportation worldwide.

Corporate responsibility

We truly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is key to ensure a sustainable future for both our company as the world. We therefore do our utmost best to take the environment into account in our daily processes. Corporate Responsibility encompasses more than just our contribution to try to tackle major environmental issues the world faces. We also support several charities, carefully selected every year, to reflect the position of Mercantum in society.


The company was founded in 1996. Nowadays, Mercantum has a strong financial position and is still growing. Buying and selling is our engine, but it is our service that truly fuels our business concept. Our excellent services and added value, both during and following business activities, makes us as a unique and trusted business partner. It is this that strengthens the bond with our clients, creating a long-term relationship built on trust, involvement, and expertise.

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