Every day we aim to make it all go smoothly and efficiently, by dividing our businesses in a number of disciplines represented by experts working together.

The Mercantum Medical Care group is a professional company, run by passionate, dedicated and professional people all with experience in servicing clients all over the world and with a high morality as it comes to conducting business internationally.

Our Team

Mr. Robin Gansner

Mr. Frank de Veen
Operations Manager

Ms. Iryna Steur
International Sales

Ms. Maria Novoselova
International Sales

Mr. Lucas Taladrid
Sales support

Mr. Mohamed Zarti
Sales support

Mr. Yasin Kor
Financial Controller

Ms. Antoniya Doneva

Mr. Hans Mulder
Business Development

Mr. Khanh Namink

We are hiring

In our ambition to grow we are looking for bright, professional and entrepreneurial people to strengthen our team.

View our vacancies

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